What to Do in St Petersburg During the Day


St Isaac’s Cathedral

The cathedral that dominates the skyline of St Petersburg will have become a familiar sight for many elite travelers by the time they leave Russia; the glorious golden-topped roof is visible from many of the top hotels in the city.

Familiarity will not breed contempt here however, as St Isaac’s Cathedral is a visual splendor that you will find yourself drawn to again and again. Originally completed after some 40 years of work in 1858, the cathedral is dedicated to Peter the Great, who was born on St Isaac’s Day. Inside the cathedral is as impressive as the facade, with intricately designed paintings, columns and sculptures adorning the walls. Those who choose to venture to the colonnade will be rewarded with a breathtaking panoramic view over the city. Finally, as you step out of the doors onto St Isaac’s Square, you will be greeted by the striking equestrian monument to Nicholas I.

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