What to Do in St Petersburg During the Day


Artillery Museum

Visiting St Petersburg’s several military museums is always an interesting and worthwhile experience; but, for elite travelers, going one step further is always possible.

Those not content with merely viewing the tanks will find the following tour from Country of Tourism wildly entertaining – this is definitely one for military fans and thrill seekers. The day starts with a journey to a military base, where you will be given an interesting and educational talk on the mechanics and history of the machines. Afterwards, it is time to pick your tank and head out to the battlefield. The tanks provided by Country of Tourism are classic war machines, from military vehicles of the Cold War to legendary Second World War battle tanks such as the T-34, the most-produced tank of the conflict. A professional crew will drive you around in the tank and, at your request, will set up the gun for you for the most exhilarating experience of the tour: this is your chance to shoot one of the large tank guns and see a simulation of the devastating power of the weapon. And if that isn’t enough, then anyone who watched 007 smashing through St Petersburg in Goldeneye will relish the chance to take the tank over a car, completely crushing the vehicle beneath the tank’s tracks. This fantastic day ends with a specially prepared Russian field lunch and a chance to see what the soldiers would have eaten.

Evgeniy Koroletskiy

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