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It is a sad fact of Russian history that when Alexander II was assassinated on March 13, 1881 by extremists wanting governmental reform, he had already began to put into place plans to give the people an elected body.

Unfortunately, those plans were to be released to the general public on March 14. If things had been different, the people of Russia may have had a constitutional monarchy, instead of suffering a brutal reign of oppression under Alexander III. It is fitting, then, that the spot that marks such a potentially monumental moment in Russia is adorned by such a wonderful church. An architecturally-striking monument, the church was designed using a host of different materials in a riot of colors, and is a stark contrast to the baroque, classical and modernist architecture that can be seen elsewhere in St Petersburg. Created by Alexander III as a tribute to his father, the church was looted and then left to ruin, until a 20-year restoration project saw the church reopen in 1997. Despite the official title of the Church of the Resurrection of the Jesus Christ, St Petersburgers know it as the ‘Church on Spilled Blood’.

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