The 6 Best Things to do at Night in St Petersburg


It may come as a surprise for many visitors to St Petersburg, but jazz music is very popular here.

Considering the former Soviet Union’s often disparaging attitude towards Western (specifically American) culture, it is curious to find such an array of jazz establishments in St Petersburg; yet, since the first live Russian jazz concert in 1922, jazz music has managed to thrive and flourish. Opened in 1989 by David Goloshekin, a world-famous and highly regarded musician, the Jazz Philharmonic Hall is where the cream of St Petersburg come to enjoy the music. A classy and highly sophisticated bar, the hall is ideal for those who enjoy their traditional jazz, and a quiet atmosphere is encouraged.

David Goloshyokin

+7 812 764 8565

Zagorodnyi prospect, 27, 191180

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