The 6 Best Things to do at Night in St Petersburg


There are few clubs in the world set in a former 19th century mansion, but then, this is St Petersburg.

The ever changing nightlife means that finding the right clubs is often a case of speaking to your concierge; clubs tend to open for a short period of time before closing down and moving to a new location with a different name, keeping the scene fresh and original. The newest clubs will highlight the direction that the St Petersburg sound is heading in. Nightclubs in St Petersburg tend to range from abandoned bomb shelters to impressive buildings designed by famous Russian architects. Such is the case with Ostrov, designed by Briullov. The interior of the club is understandably classy, with a clientele of wealthy Russians coming here for the exclusive alcohol and erotic shows. There are VIP rooms upstairs available for hire that provide some breathing space from the often hectic dance floor area. Popular with both Russian and international celebrities alike, Ostrov more than lives up to its high-class setting.

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37 Lieutenant Schmidt Naberezhnaya

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