The 4 Best Spas in St Petersburg


Treatment and facilities: The Russian banya is a traditional style of sauna that dates back hundreds of years involving a steam sauna and ‘whisk bathing’, in which guests are lightly stroked with bunches of dried leaves and branches called a venik, a process designed to improve the blood circulation.

These uniquely Russian experiences are available at the Saun Club; one of the premier spas in St Petersburg. The club is available for hire for a completely private experience, and the helpful staff will go to great lengths to ensure that everything is to your satisfaction. The club also offers more traditional types of massage and saunas, as well as a large pool and Jacuzzi. In order to secure a private session advanced booking is recommended. Special treatment: Traditional Russian banya with whisk bathing.

+7 812 388 3535

Ul. Zastavskaya, 33

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