The 8 Best Hotels and Suites in Rome


Wine and dine at The Aleph

A glamorous and imaginative luxury haven in the center of Rome, the Aleph’s lavish design sports a decadent twist.

The hotel’s sumptuous and unique interior was inspired by Dante’s The Divine Comedy, with the concepts of heaven and hell expressed in contrasting colors and décor. Bold, rich reds and velvet adorn the hallways and bars, while the elegant rooms, suites and spa feature calmer, cooler tones. Hip and glamorous bars and impressive fine dining complete a hotel experience characterized by opulent style and pleasure.

TOP SUITE Presidential Suite

Rooftop terr ace dining at The Aleph

Why we love it: Minimalist, warm, elegant and state-of-the-art, the presidential suite on the 6th floor is perfect for some comfortable time alone, indulgent romantic evenings or relaxed time with friends. The inviting, spacious lounge and fabulous private terrace – with its own Jacuzzi under the stars – provide perfect surroundings for any mood.




  • Square footage: 750 (as well as a 1,075 square foot private terrace)
  • Nightly rate: $1,255 (low season) to $2,355 (high season)

Barbara Gibellini, General Manager

+39 06 422 901

Via di San Basilio 15, 00100 Rome