The 8 Best Hotels and Suites in Rome


doney restaurant at The West in Excelsior

Situated in the heart of Rome’s buzzing Via Veneto district, century-old The Westin Excelsior is frequented by visiting statesmen, glitterati and business moguls.

This stylish hotel offers a sumptuous, refined luxury experience characterized by elegant antique furnishings, state-of-theart modern conveniences and exceptional service.

TOP SUITE Villa La Cupola

Villa La Cupola master bedroom

Why we love it: The Villa La Cupola is the largest hotel suite in Europe and offers unrivaled luxury for the elite visitor to Rome. Spread across two floors, with a magnificent wrap-around terrace, the suite evokes the decadent opulence of an Ancient Roman villa – with the latest technology incorporated to ensure every need and desire is catered for. Stunning interiors, characterized by red, gold and dark wood finishes, lavish chandeliers and elegant furnishings, contrast with innovative modern facilities and features, such as a cinema room, private limousine airport transfers and a complimentary cigar selection.




  • Square footage: 10,765
  • Nightly rate: $28,110

Michele Frignani, General Manager

+39 06 47 081

Via Vittorio Veneto 125, 00187 Rome