The 3 Best Things To Do In Moscow


Rivalling Imperia Lounge for the toughest door policy in Moscow, Soho Rooms attracts Russia’s social elite.

Models and celebrities are in abundance, as well as the capital’s movers and shakers. The club consists of four different rooms: the Dining Room, Disco Room, Bar Room and the Summer Terrace. The Disco Room is where all the action happens, and where you’ll find top DJ’s David Guetta and Alex Gaudino luring the likes of Naomi Campbell, Gerard Butler and Roman Abramovich onto the dance floor. Located on the banks of the River Moscow, Soho Rooms is one of Moscow’s premier clubs and is highly recommended.

Manager: Dmitry Braude, Managing Director

+7 495 988 7474

Savvinskiy Embankment, Pereulok 12, Str 8