The 5 Best Hotels in Monaco

5th January 2007 // By Zahra Al-Kateb


Once a legend of Monaco during the 30s Jazz era, Monte Carlo Beach has since settled into a slower and more luxurious way of life.

A total metamorphosis has taken place redesigning this former hedonistic playground into a luxurious, five-star retreat. Every detail has been presided over by designer India Mahdavi, inviting Mediterranean views into every one of its 40 rooms. Even the gardens have undergone radical change: 15 giant trees have been imported to resemble the original Mediterranean coastal scenery, a far cry from Monaco’s crowded coast where high-rise apartments compete for sea views. Incorporated into the Beach Hotel is the Beach Club, another outpost of the early 20th century glamour that has been preserved and restored.


Why we love it: Sunlight and sea views adorn this room with a calm presence. Removed from the busy center of Monaco, the high glamour of the Place du Casino and the yacht-crowded Port Hercule, Suite 55 is perfect if you want to hear the sea lapping at the shores beneath you and enjoy views unobstructed by towering buildings or yachts. This suite, along with the rest of the Beach Hotel, has been refurbished in a unique style with whitewashed walls and clean lines throughout.




  • Square footage: 900
  • Nightly rate: $4,030

Danièle Garcelon, Director

+33 4 9328 6666

Avenue Princesse Grace, Roquebrune Cap Martin