Meet Me In Monaco

Who can blame you if you think about Monaco as a place to take your yacht, watch the Formula One Grand Prix or test your skills in the famed casino.


While your first thought of visiting the principality, a postage stamp about the same size as New York’s Central Park, is probably a leisure expedition, Visit Monaco wants you to think about meetings and events.


4-Song-Qi-Monaco-photo-Matthieu-Salvaing-yatzerGourmands will have no problems finding exquisite catering.  There are some eight Michelin stars among Monte Carlo eateries, and Michelin chef Allen Yau has now opened the first gourmet Chinese restaurant with his sleek Song Qi (above).


In terms of venues, a comprehensive selection is accented by new opportunities and lesser know gems.


Princess Grace Rose Garden has just re-opened after a renovation with 8,000 roses (expanded from 4,000) of over 300 varieties.


The hangars at the famed heliport can now be converted for a party, enabling to arrive or leave in true James Bond style.


Princess Grace Academy is a classic dance school created by the late American actress.  Students both perform and interact with guests at events.