The 9 Best Hotels and Suites in Milan


lobby and reception , maison moschino

Though housed in the grand neoclassical former railway station, Maison Moschino is perhaps the most eccentric and bizarre building in all of Milan.

The interior is the design of fairy tales, highly abstract and bordering on the surreal. For this reason it is a destination in its own right. Each of the 65 rooms are individually furnished according to the Moschino philosophy that “to sleep is perchance to dream”, so in your room don’t be surprised to find a Little Red Riding Hood wolf staring at you, trees growing up the side of your bed or, quite literally, a bed of roses.


Why we love it: In line with Maison Moschino’s humorous room design, this suite prides itself on its uniqueness rather than its space. Here you will find out-of-size furniture that’s sure to take you by surprise along with other varieties of bizarre objects that make the Junior Suite like none other you will ever find. Distinctively inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the Junior Suite is an exciting place to stay in the heart of Milan.




  • Square footage: 400
  • Nightly rate: $600

Barbara Ugolini, General Manager

+39 022 900 9858

Viale Monte Grappa 12, 20124