The 5 Best Hotels and Suites in Frankfurt

4th January 2007 // By Zahra Al-Kateb



Minimalism does not always imply luxury, but at Roomers luxury is in every detail and every detail is a marvel of design.

Black natural stone is used throughout and juxtaposed with gold and clever lighting to create a unique environment that is both inviting and curious. Though only a very small boutique hotel, there is also a bar and restaurant, a spa offering facilities that you won’t find anywhere else in Frankfurt and a patio that offers a welcoming oasis amid the busy city.



Why we love it: The “Suite” radiates the contemporary edge that is integral to Roomers and the mauve colors and clever lighting make it feel bigger than it actually is. The well-designed space contains a living room and bedroom as well as a bathroom with a free-standing tub and, if not large enough for your needs, the suite can be combined with another 215 square foot bedroom and en-suite bathroom. The room’s contemporary design is evident in more than just the furnishings – there is also a flat screen television, a Nintendo Wii and a Blu-ray player.




  • Square footage: 750
  • Nightly rate: $670

Alex Urseanu and Michael Rosen

+49 692 713 420

Gutleutstr 85, 60329