The 4 Best Spas in Frankfurt


Treatments & facilities: This hotel spa, designed by Nik Schweiger, was founded on his belief that interior design and facilities are of equal importance in the creation of a relaxing environment.

You’ll find a sauna, massage pool and steam room, as well as Medyjet massage chairs and glass-chip heated loungers from Klafs. Guests can also relax while admiring the skyline from the Sky Lounge before or after their appointment.

Signature treatment: Vitalität in Perfektion, or ‘VIP’, is one-to-one training from a team of experts who focus on your fitness, physical health and diet. This unique personal training does not rely on gym machines like others, but instead focuses completely on your own particular needs.

+49 692 713 420

Gutleutstr 85, 60329