The 3 Best Things To Do In Dublin


For an evening of good Irish merry-making, Johnnie Fox’s shouldn’t be missed.

Sat on a wild hillside outside Dublin, the pub claims to be the highest in Ireland and is certainly one of the most fun. Every night of the week traditional musicians gather, often with dancers, and perform boisterous ditties to the delight of a loving crowd. The regular ‘Hooley Nights’ are the real crowd pleaser. These nights begin with a fine, hearty meal followed by a performance from the country’s leading Irish bands and the classically trained Johnnie Fox’s Dancers. All this takes place in a cozy former farmhouse, a beautifully humble haunt for visiting heads of state and Hollywood heartthrobs. For an extra bit of magic, head to the pub by helicopter and marvel at the heather-dotted hills on your descent.

Tony McMahon, General Manager

+353 1 295 5647

Glencullen, County Dublin