The 3 Best Things To Do In Dublin


At a capacity of over 82,000, Croke Park is the fourth biggest sports stadium in Europe and home to Ireland’s two most unique and popular sports.

The Celtic games of hurling and Gaelic football go back centuries and in the last hundred years have enjoyed a massive revival. Played on a vast grass pitch at a breakneck pace, they both involve hitting a ball through the opposing team’s net, with some bone-shaking clashes along the way. Both are easy to follow for the uninitiated—Gaelic football has echoes of rugby, while the small ball and sticks of hurling recall field hockey and lacrosse. The symbolic significance of Croke Park is hard to overstate. As the site of the infamous Bloody Sunday killings in 1920, the stadium has become intertwined with Irish identity and to watch a match here is to share in a dearly-held national ritual. Every section of society comes to ‘Croker’ and the upper echelons are well indulged in the stylish corporate suites.

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