Corinthia Hotels Helps You Write New Stories

Corinthia_According to a report from Boston Consulting Group, experiential luxury has taken the place of hard goods as the most desired type of purchases. 

While elite travelers are not necessarily in the position of having to make a choice – you can have it all – Malta-based Corinthia Hotels recently released a series of “Story Ideas” for editors around their group of nine five-star hotels in Europe, Russia and Africa.

The various ideas include “7 Lives, 7 Penthouses” where each of the top suites in its London flagship property offer different themes:  The Explorer is based on the British Empire and the Bell Epoque; The Actor’s is channeling the role of ‘Sophisticate about the Town; The Whitehall is in the spirit of Winston Churchill and so forth.

Other “experiences” include private visits to the artisan farmers, fishermen, dairymen and local growers who supply the hotel’s restaurants.  Trips planned around the ongoing “Artists in Residence” program can also be planned.

Budapest Corinthia is the inspiration for Wed Anderson’s upcoming “The Grand Hotel Royal.”  It’s possible to reserve the same suites where Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie lived in while filming movies in the Hungarian capital.

For St. Petersburg, Corinthia suggests “White Nights on a Harley” taking advantage of endless daylight in the summer with a nighttime tour by motorcycle.

In Prague, the Spring Music Festival provides good timing for a visit as does the Prague International Marathon.  In its home base of Malta, October’s annual vintage car rally Mdina Vintage Gran Prix provides a reason to visit while Maltese founder and Chairman Alfred Pisani’s local connections mean for elite travelers there are lots of opportunities to create exquisite memories with private tours and special events.