What to Do in Copenhagen During the Day



‘Something is rotten in the state of Denmark’.

This famous line from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is hardly appropriate today, but many people still travel to Kronborg castle, immortalized as Elsinore in the Bard’s play. Also a UNESCO World Heritage site, Kronborg Slot is one of the most important fortresses in northern Europe. Primarily existing as a formidable tollbooth, the impressively menacing castle was constructed in the 16th century to enable the Danish king to control the 2.5 mile wide Sound between Denmark and Sweden. There’s also a statue of Holger Danske in the castle cellars, a legendary defender of Denmark. The castle is located 30 miles north of Copenhagen, next to the city of Elsinore, so ask your concierge to organize transportation for you.

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Kronborg 2c, 3000 Helsingør