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Cuisine: Nordic

Style / Ambiance: Noma caused something of a stir when it was voted the World’s Best Restaurant in 2010.

Back then its signature Nordic cuisine was virtually unknown among food critics and gastronomes, and it seemed highly unlikely that a Danish restaurant could receive this prestigious award. Noma, however, fully deserves its title and the restaurant was again voted Best Restaurant for 2011. Noma’s aim is to showcase the very best of Nordic food so guests can expect local delicacies such as Icelandic skyr curd and Greenland musk ox, beautifully presented by head chef René Redzepi. Everything about the restaurant is Danish, from the location in an old warehouse that once stored whale blubber to the prevalence of locally produced salts, pickles and vegetables; there are no sun-dried tomatoes or foie gras here. Noma has ambitiously and successfully pushed the limits and reinvented the concept of Nordic cuisine and is highly recommended.

Caroline Kremer, General Manager

+45 32 96 3297

Strandgade 93, 1401 Copenhagen