Elite Recommends – Copenhagen’s Ultimate VIP Experiences



Since Sweden is only a few miles across the Sound (roughly 16 miles from Copenhagen), it would be a shame not to visit this fascinating country.

Many tour operators offer trips to Sweden, but for elite travelers, taking a helicopter is the only way to go. Danish Fly is a small company with a selection of helicopters that have been flying wealthy visitors around Denmark since 2006. Elite Traveler suggests you take the route through the Swedish towns of Helsingborg and Malmö; of course, if you have more time, you may wish to fly further into Sweden and explore more of this beautiful country. Helsingborg, one of the oldest cities in Sweden, is just 2.5 miles from the Danish city of Helsingor and is a wonderful mix of picturesque architecture and modern sophistication. There are plenty of beautiful gardens and beaches to enjoy, before heading off to Malmö. With its collection of art galleries, fine dining and unusual architecture, Malmö is one of Sweden’s most vibrant and multicultural cities and is an attractive place to spend a few hours, before flying back over the impressive Öresund bridge to Copenhagen.

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