The 3 Best Things to do at Night in Budapest



In the heart of Budapest, at the corner of Jókai utca and Weiner Leo utca behind a smoked glass door, there sits a parallel universe called the Cotton Club where the rooms are located underground to evoke the unique atmosphere of the 20s and 30s.

The Orpheum Hall is the perfect place for the high-end traveler, with live entertainment, a bar serving cocktails along with other luxurious offerings, and a Cigar Room providing total comfort. Elite Traveler recommends this venue for those seeking a grand yet unique Hungarian experience. It is perfect for playing chess or reading a newspaper, while soaking up the atmosphere, as well as being an ideal place for business meetings and appointments.

Nikolett Zelenyánszki

+36 1 354 0886

Jókai utca 26, 1066 Budapest