What to Do in Brussels During the Day


Walking the historical streets of Brussels you cannot fail to notice the bizarre and, at times, erratic architectural style of some of the buildings.

Swirling ironwork, arabesque spirals, abstract stained glass windows and circular arches give life to this style called art nouveau, a term synonymous with Belgium’s most famous architect, Victor Horta. Unsurprisingly Horta’s own personally designed home is the city’s finest example of all things art nouveau. Four floors filled with Horta’s own furniture and floral swirls in iron, wood and mosaic display the remarkable imagination of this eccentric architect whose style spread throughout Europe and would later go on to inspire art deco. Parts of the museum look like fantasy scenes from Lord of the Rings, while others resemble abstract Rococo. So, whatever your interest in architecture, you must witness this, one of art’s most bizarre movements.

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