The 5 Best Hotels and Suites in Brussels

5th January 2007 // By Zahra Al-Kateb



The Châtelain district, just south of the city’s historic center, is known for its easy-going pace of life and superb restaurants.

Just a stone’s throw from Avenue Louise is the boutique contemporary hotel, Odette en Ville, an attractive yet unassuming 1920s townhouse on the outside that presents an entirely different world within. Dark hues contrast with custom made wallpapers and white fabrics in the library, bar and beautifully designed dining room that is home to Chef Roberto Zanusso’s innovative imagination. Being a boutique hotel, all the rooms are individually furnished and boast features original to the house, such as open fireplaces and sun terraces, but one thing they all share is Odette en Ville’s trademark dark, contemporary design.

TOP SUITE 3 and 7

Why we love it: A wide wrought-iron staircase leads to suites three and four. Both enjoy large dressing rooms, en-suite bathrooms and open fireplaces, but it is their décor that makes these rooms Odette en Ville’s top suites. Linen headboards, velvet curtains and Italian black marble add hints of luxury, while the hotel’s discreet color scheme makes them feel much larger than they actually are.




  • Square footage: 375
  • Nightly rate: $610

Jean-Sylvain Bombois, Manager

+32 2 640 2626

Rue du Châtelain 25, 1050