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Cuisine: Basque

Style / Ambiance: Helmed by famous Spanish chef Daniel García, Zortziko regularly ranks as one of the finest restaurants in the Basque country.

Bearer of a Michelin star and popular with critics, the restaurant offers traditional Basque cuisine, including local favorites such as Roast Baby Squid with Peppers and Scallops on a bed of Tomato Carpaccio. Zortziko offers three different dining rooms; one has a Versailles feel to it, another is English influenced, while the third has a more contemporary, laid-back vibe. The best option, however, is to dine in the wine cellar beneath, where you’ll be seated at a rustic wooden table surrounded by premium vintages. Just remember to book ahead; Zortziko is often fully booked weeks in advance.


Daniel García, General Manager

+34 94 423 9743

Calle Alameda de Mazarredo 17, 48001