The 6 Best Things to do at Night in Berlin

20th December 2017 // By Will Grice

Berlin nightlife is the stuff of legend. Sexy new bars and clubs have enriched the old mix of beer halls and burlesque, and you’ll find the drinks keep flowing way past the small hours, with the German capital notorious for having some of the latest starts to their evenings around.

The coolest bars are in Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain— stomping grounds of Berlin’s in crowd— while the edgy Kreuzberg will suit the more adventurous. Music is sacred here. Local techno sets trend across the world with some of the planet’s most notorious techno clubs being situated in the German capital (Berghain and Watergate, anyone?), but the State Opera and Berlin Philharmonic cater well for the classically inclined. Berlin is also championing the world of experimental music and experiential music shows with many of the biggest concerts taking place in venues not initially intended for the live viewing of music. These are a few of the best things to do at night in Berlin.

Funkhaus Nalepastraße

Set inside the former GDR broadcast center, Funkhaus Nalepastraße is easily one of Berlin’s best nightclubs for people who aren’t a fan of the idea of hanging around in old Communist warehouses listening to techno. Playing host to everything from world-famous jazz ensembles right through to groundbreaking electronic artists, Funkhaus specializes in making sure it doesn’t pigeonhole itself with one genre, type of party or crowd. Over recent months Funkhaus has put on evenings from the likes of LCD Soundsystem and Depeche Mode to name a few, as well as regularly hosting more upbeat evenings with DJs such as Ben Klock and Adam Beyer all playing at the Funkhaus. However if music isn’t your thing, Funkhaus also regularly puts on events and exhibitions, including one in 2017 for Porsche and one for Zeiss Optics.