The 9 Best Things to do at Night in Basel



Les Trois Rois Bar offers an impeccable location where the stresses of daily life can slowly be released in opulent surroundings. With exquisite cocktails, an extensive wine list and delicious bites on offer, this is where Basel’s elite gather.

Les Trois Rois Bar is the ideal year round locale – when the temperature drops the crackling open fire is a welcome companion, whilst during the fine summer months guests are encouraged to sit on the terrace and watch the Rhine make its way through the very heart of picturesque Basel. With fragrant cigars on offer from the humidor, Les Trois Rois Bar is a superb setting for an entertaining tête-à-tête.

Cigar Lounge

Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois’ brand new Cigar Lounge offers its guests the ideal ambiance to take part in a refined pastime. In this unique lounge the elite traveler has on offer an impressive selection of cigars and an extensive list of exquisite whiskies. The atmosphere in the wonderful Cigar Lounge is one to truly savor.

Rent a Bar Tender

Basel’s finest hotel has mastered the art of luxurious hospitality. Now, with a little help from the man business magazine Bilanz named Barkeeper of the Year, the elite traveler can offer the same level of service to their guests, clients or business partners. Thomas Huhn, Chef de Bar and the Swiss Bar Champion 2009, is on hand to give your special occasion that extra special touch. The elite traveler’s party will be inspired by classic drinks, surprised by liquid kitchen drinks or simply delighted by their preferred holiday cocktails expertly mixed.

Thomas Huhn, Chef de Bar

+41 61 260 5135

Blumenrain 8 | 4001 Basel