Elite Recommends – Basel’s Ultimate VIP Experience



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The elite traveler in Basel can enjoy wonderful culture, architecture and peaceful walks along the Rhine.

However, for those seeking breathtaking views, mountain passes and sweeping roads, the hills are alive with the sound of Super Cars. Basel‘s superb location on the borders of France and Germany, gives the elite traveler an opportunity to sample the best road driving in all three countries. Elite Rent super car rental experts offers a four-day luxury driving break where world class hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants and top-of-the-range spas can be enjoyed, in addition to driving through some of the best scenery in Europe. The driving tour begins in Basel on the banks of the Rhine, before heading through the rolling hills of the Alsace wine region in France, then into the spa town of Baden Baden. This incredible experience also takes in the fast, sweeping trails of the Black Forest in Germany, before cruising back down into Switzerland. The highlight of this tour is during the final two days, where the drive cuts through the stunning peaks and mountain passes of the central Swiss Alps. With a fantastic range of vehicles on offer, such as the Ferrari F458 Italia, Aston Martin V8 Vantage S and the Mercedes SLS AMG, there is no better way for the elite traveler to take in the countryside around Basel.

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