Festival Of Sant Joan


JUNE 23 – 24, 2015

It is fair to say that Barcelonans enjoy a festival. During the summer months, the abundance of events dedicated to patron saints, music and dance mean that the city can feel like it is constantly partying.

One of the largest festivals is the Nit de Sant Joan, which is celebrated on 23 June, traditionally the longest day of the year. The citizens of the various neighborhoods of Barcelona all take part in the festivities, which are still centered round the pagan idea of celebrating the sun. The celebrations include fireworks, bonfires and pyrotechnics, and the best way to see the festival is to head out into the streets, to witness the ceremonial burning of old furniture and unwanted items. The revelry usually lasts until sunrise the next day; if you’re looking to experience a fine Spanish custom, then this is the festival to head for.