Classic Marathon


NOVEMBER 08, 2015

Among all the Olympic sport events, the Marathon stands out through its inception from a truly heroic and historic event.

The prestigious race is based on the path run by messenger Pheidippides, who ran from the Battle of Marathon to Athens in 490BC. Upon arrival in Athens his dying words were to announce Greek victory over the Persians. The modern race follows the same path ran by brave Pheidippides, with thousands of participants starting in the town of Marathonas and making their way to Athens. They finish at the Panthinaikon Stadium, where the first modern Olympic Games took place. For the elite traveler there is an excellent VIP package available for this incredible event, which begins on Friday before the marathon race on Sunday. Enjoy the Friday night pre-marathon concert from exclusive seats, and on Saturday watch the Marathon Opening Ceremony, which is held at the Historical Marathon Tomb and the Panathinaikon Stadium, from the best seats available. On race day take your VIP start line seats, before being whisked off ahead of the runners to see the winner cross the finishing line.

Spiros Spiropoulos

+30 210 933 1113

Start location: Marathon Start Venue, Marathonas, End Location: Panathinaikon Stadium, Athens