Your 10-Day Cruising Itinerary for a Perfect Trip in Sardinia & Corsica


Whether you’re seeking true extravagance or pure relaxation, we have chosen the perfect ten-day itinerary that has it all

Two islands, perfectly in the center of the West Mediterranean, have as much to allure elite travelers as their neighboring coastlines. On the shores of Corsica and Sardinia you will find chic beach clubs to rival those of Saint-Tropez, coastlines as impressive as Amalfi and offshore islands as empty as the Tuscan Archipelago. Culture, too, reflects mainland influences: Corsica, having been sold to Paris by Genoa in 1769 shows a degree of French influence, not only in language but also in cuisine and Sardinia, Italy’s largest island, is popular with holidaying Italian celebrities. But as much as mainland similarities can be drawn, these islands are also dramatically different and independent in their culture, cuisine and landscape.

Potter past Corsica’s wild west coastline and watch, from the deck of your yacht, the dramatic red cliffs that make the cruise as exciting as the destination. Ancient cliff-top towns and pretty fishing villages decorate the less dramatic parts of the coastline, and be sure to visit their local restaurants and sample Corsica’s mythical delicacies, such as wild boar, suckling pig, foie gras, endless cheeses and fresh daily catches. Cross the straights of Bonifacio, and its deserted islands, and find yourself in one of the most exclusive enclaves on the planet: the Costa Smeralda. This is yachting Mecca. Translated as the Emerald Coast, this northeastern corner of Sardinia has some of the Mediterranean’s finest beaches along with some of the slickest marinas, most iconic hotels and liveliest nightclubs.

These varied qualities and theatrical contrasts between the two islands make Sardinia and Corsica a yachting haven and a holiday to remember. Relaxation, hedonism and sightseeing have been combined here into an unforgettable ten-day itinerary.


➤ Arrive in Calvi, Corsica

Day 1: Calvi to Girolata

Day 2: Girolata to Ajaccio

Day 3: Ajaccio to Bonifacio

Day 4: Bonifacio to Porto-Vecchio

Day 5: Porto-Vecchio to Maddalena Islands

Day 6: Maddalena Islands to Baja Sardinia

Day 7: Baja Sardinia to Porto Rotondo

Day 8: Porto Rotondo to Cala Di Volpe / Porto Cervo

Day 9: Porto Cervo Day 10: Porto Cervo and disembark