Your 9-Day Cruising Itinerary for a Perfect Trip on the Italian Riviera and Tuscan Archipelago

Portofino Hotel Spendido

Whether you’re seeking true extravagance or pure relaxation, we have chosen the perfect nine-day itinerary that has it all

As the French Riviera ribbons its way east beyond Monaco and over the border into Italy it becomes quieter and somehow more exotic with red carpet hedonism giving way to traditional fishing villages and renaissance towns. The coast may be rugged, but in typical Italian fashion it accommodates an understated elegance. Take Portofino, for example, a tiny fishing village that has not changed its image for almost a century, yet its hilltop restaurants and ancient harbor are a continual attraction for elite travelers – previous visitors include the Windsors, Sir Winston Churchill and Elizabeth Taylor.

Further south stretches the Tuscan Archipelago, a series of islands that have all the charm of their mainland namesake and yet, due to their remoteness, attract a fraction of the crowds. A private yacht affords infinite access to the archipelago – drop anchor in a secluded bay, step ashore to nothing but perfect beaches and cedar woodlands, and have it all to yourself. The luxury of a superyacht allows complete freedom unrestrained by accommodation, restaurants or sports facilities as they all travel with you. See ‘The Yachts’ section for our selection of perfect yachts for your trip.

Finally, our itinerary takes you to Rome, a city that needs no introduction, but which makes the perfect conclusion to a cruise that has it all: activity, privacy, retreat and culture.

➤ Arrive in Genoa

Day 1: Genoa to Portofino

Day 2: Portofino

Day 3: Portofino to Porto Venere

Day 4: Porto Venere to Viareggio (and Florence)

Day 5: Viareggio to Elba

Day 6: Elba to Punta Ala

Day 7: Punta Ala to Giglio

Day 8: Giglio to Porto Ercole

Day 9: Porto Ercole and transfer to Rome