Your 7-Day Cruising Itinerary for a Perfect Trip on the Ionian Islands


Whether you need relaxation or adventure, we have chosen the perfect seven-day itinerary that has it all

A small archipelago that sweeps down the west coast of Greece, the Ionian Islands have quietly become a truly elite escape from the rest of the world. Boasting some of the most spectacular landscapes to be found in Greece, this smattering of islands with their untouched beaches, mythical caves and emerald-green forests are the home of rest and relaxation for celebrities and dignitaries alike.

A luxury charter is the best way to discover the hidden gems of these isles, and our seven-day itinerary outlines our favorite spots. Starting in Corfu and winding down the coast to Zakynthos, the southernmost island, you will have plenty of time to lose yourself in the secluded coves, sleepy olive groves and the timeless charm of the Ionian sea. There are plenty of pampering opportunities along way, while those in search of adventure can enjoy the excellent windsurfing or delve into caves and underwater lakes.

Each island has its own distinct culture, colored by the region’s intriguing history. From the Venetian fortresses and cobbled plazas of Corfu and Zakynthos town, to the picturesque fishing villages of Paxos and Meganissi—the islands abound in architectural and natural wonders. Vinecovered tavernas and ancient vineyards provide gastronomic delights while there are plenty of museums, ancient monasteries and even shipwrecks just waiting to be explored.

Whether you choose to unwind in a luxury spa, investigate caves and forests or simply relax on board, you’ll soon see why these dramatic islands have inspired so many legends.

➤ Arrive in Corfu

Day 1: Corfu to Paxos

Day 2: Paxos to Anti Paxos to Lefkas

Day 3: Lefkas to Meganissi to Lefkas

Day 4: Lefkas to Ithaca

Day 5: Ithaca to Kefalonia

Day 6: Kefalonia to Zakynthos

Day 7: Zakynthos and Disembark