Exclusive Transport on the Florida Keys


Lou La Vie

This privately owned corporation is a luxury car service created by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts.

Although Miami-based, Lou La Vie operates services all over Southern Florida including the Florida Keys. A staggering fleet of exotic cars from the world’s premier car manufacturers are available, including Lamboghini Aventador and Gallardo models, a Ferrari California and F430 Spider, Maserati Granturiso convertible as well a number of Audi, Aston Martin and Rolls-Royce models. A ‘Members Only’ membership is provided for frequent Florida visitors which offers a variety of supercar experiences as well as a choice of special ‘seasonal’ vehicles and invitation-only social events.

Kristin Royal, General Manager

+1 877 595 4329

333 North East 24th Street #309, Miami, Florida 33137