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June 21 – September 20, 2015

The legendary composer Richard Wagner visited the town of Ravello in 1880, and was so bewitched by the gardens of Villa Rufolo that he used them as the model for the enchanted garden in his opera Parsifal.

In honor of Wagner’s tribute, the beautiful Villa Rufolo gardens play host to an annual summer festival of arts and music. What began half a century ago as a celebration of Wagner has flourished and expanded to encompass genres as diverse as chamber music and jazz, alongside dance, photography and art, and includes discussions and talks as well as epic performances and breathtaking exhibitions. This is a truly privileged way to enjoy the arts: with world-class musicians and artists in a beautiful village set high in the hills of Campania and overlooking the endless blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

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Sala Frau, Viale Richard Wagner, n. 5, Ravello, 89010, Italy