The 10 Best hotels in Singapore


The scarlet hotel

The Scarlet provides a completely different five-star experience as it is Singapore’s first luxury boutique hotel.

After a $35 million acquisition and refurbishment, the interiors of this 80-room venue emphasize an eclectic feel, offering all who enter an adventure of the senses. Inside, a variety of textures and colors are strikingly juxtaposed to provide a mood, which is bold, dramatic and daring. Ambient lighting evokes a sensual mood with plenty of intimate areas. An ideal choice for extrovert clientele who want to be at the center of the city’s nightlife and after-dark attractions.


Why we love it: ‘Alternative’ is the mot du jour at The Scarlet Hotel illustrated by the seductive mix of burgundy, fuchsia, and silver throughout the suite. The low ceiling and canopied four-poster bed create an intimate atmosphere, while the outdoor Jacuzzi overlooking the city affords a tantalizing, relaxing setting in which to indulge. Other features we like include the personal bar, broadband internet access and extensive library for guests.




  • Square footage: 270
  • Nightly rate: USD$700

Henry Maillet, General Manager

+65 6511 3333

33 Erskine Road, Singapore 69333

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