Top 3 Things to do in Singapore

Positioned on the island country of the same name, the city of Singapore is one of Southeast Asia’s most vibrant destinations.

Lying at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula and north of some of Indonesia’s most exclusive islands, this international metropolis promises an exciting and luxurious experience for the elitetraveler. A true melting pot of modern Asia, Singapore has been settled by Chinese, Europeans, Malays and Indians. As a result, the city offers a rich history and high quality of life for all those who live and visit.

Singapore is an intriguing mix of modern and traditional. The humid tropical breezes and exhilarating scent of jasmine are contrasted by the shopping malls and designer boutiques, in addition to the cutting-edge technology on offer. As regular visitors will tell you, people come to Singapore for two main reasons: the food and the shopping. Here, in this guide we have selected the best of both in this stunning city. We have also chosen the best of Singapore’s nightlife, where you can rub shoulders with celebrities and the city’s movers and shakers. The Elite Traveler Destination Guide to Singapore provides the perfect introduction to the contemporary marvels and historic charm of this wonderful island city.

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