Fullerton Revamps New Singapore Sling

SINGAPORE – Combining the familiar flavors of the age-old recipe with modern and fragrant ingredients, The Fullertons new Sling Collection is a menu of eight refreshing sling cocktails available at the hotel’s chic Post B.

Among the new-style slings in The Fullerton Sling Collection is the Lychee Sling, a juicy concoction of gin, lychee liqueur and pineapple juice. Experience Asian flavors in a glass with the Coco Sling, a summery blend of coconut rum, gin, Fraise de Boise (strawberry liqueur) and pineapple juice. Guests can try the Hazel Sling, a lively cocktail of frangrant Frangelico liquer, vodka, cherry brandy and pineapple juice, and the Almond Sling, a delectable infusion of gin, Amaretto, cranberry juice and a dash of honey for slings that are inspired by aromatic nuts. Savor the rich flavors of the Vanilla Sling, a buttery confection featuring a decadent mix of vanilla-flavored vodka, butterscotch schnapps and cranberry juice. The Peach Sling blends peach schnapps, cherry brandy, DOM Benedictine and triple sec. The Gold Sling showcases an exciting mix of gin and Goldschlager, complete with real gold dust in the cinnamon schnapps.