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Buben & Zorweg Open “Timeless Gallery” in Singapore

By webadmin |  December 7 2009

The opening of the “Timeless Gallery” in Singapore is the latest milestone along the expansion path pursued by Buben & Zorweg; together with Citimex International—their partner for the Asian market—the company has designed a unique presentation concept for an elite target audience. The unique objects on display dissolve the boundaries between art, innovative technology and perfect craftsmanship.

Buben & Zorweg, Erwin Sattler and Döttling, all three of which are reputable brands, will jointly present refined masterpieces—from mechanical movements with fascinating complications such as the exclusive Double Tourbillon from Buben & Zorweg to the high-security safe X-007 that not only affords the valuable objects it contains the right degree of protection but is also an ideal method of presentation.

The “Timeless Gallery” in Singapore was opened in the central location of ION Orchard on November 19, 2009. Harald Buben and Christian and Daniel Zörweg are unanimous in their evaluation of this new type of interface with a particular clientele: “We have positioned the ‘Timeless Gallery’ as a boutique to address an extremely discerning audience—people whose passion carries them beyond the boundaries of the mere collector to seek and invest in objects that unite perfect craftsmanship, horological exclusiveness and innovative conception to form compelling works of art. Singapore lent itself to this concept on account of the powerful movements in this particular market. And it is wonderful to see our concept so well-received by the people we want to address.”

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BUBEN&ZORWEG – The credo
The house of BUBEN&ZORWEG delights lovers of fine timepieces with its unique masterpieces of craftsmanship. Each defined by its own exclusive character. Noble design in harmony with compelling innovation, selected materials and perfect workmanship are a convincing combination that both fulfill and exceed their customers´ highest expectations.

BUBEN&ZORWEG – The house
Passionate lovers of fine timepieces value the House of BUBEN&ZORWEG because of its uncompromising approach to perfection. The company continues to boldly develop innovation and creativity into compelling concepts. Decisiveness lies at the heart of luxurious masterpieces of craftsmanship so coveted and desired by aficionados around the world.
BUBEN&ZORWEG is continuously working on extending the boundaries of feasibility. Be it the realization of a sophisticated double tourbillon complication for a limited series table clock – as with the ELLIPSE GRAND REVERS DOUBLE TOURBILLON or of creations such as SOLITAIR or COLLECTOR’S SALON that lift the presentation of valuable watch collections to new heights.
Masterpieces from the House of BUBEN&ZORWEG clearly show just how well the company understands and shares the passion of lovers of fine timepieces. They also signify a dedication to boldly break new ground in the creation of particularly luxurious masterpieces for people with superior demands. The design combines dignified classic with clear-cut contemporary elements. An uncompromising commitment to selected materials and exquisite workmanship make masterpieces from BUBEN&ZORWEG to unique and luxurious objets d’art.

BUBEN&ZORWEG – The history
The brand name of BUBEN&ZORWEG is evolving from a well-kept secret among passionate lovers of fine timepieces to the epitome for luxury, innovation and design in the world of exclusive chronometers.

School friends Harald Buben and Christian Zörweg began setting new standards on the market for watch winders shortly after founding the company in 1995.

Constant development and innovation soon enabled the introduction of the newly invented sleep phase in every TIME MOVER® model to prevent the valuable timepieces from unnecessary mechanical strain.
Furthermore BUBEN&ZORWEG presented the worlds smallest, then the worlds largest and the most exclusive watch winder – the COLLECTOR’S SALON that lifted the presentation of valuable watch collections to new heights.

2005 saw the founding of BUBEN&ZORWEG Fine Timepieces in co-operation with Daniel Zörweg and, as a result, the presentation of the first collection of luxurious table clocks.

2006 the first BUBEN&ZORWEG Boutique was opened in Vienna. Own Boutiques in Dubai, Kiev, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai were opened shortly after the first one. Further BUBEN&ZORWEG Boutiques in Top International Locations are planned already.

2007 BUBEN&ZORWEG presented the world´s first limited serial production of a double tourbillon table clock. The BUBEN&ZORWEG Double Tourbillon was developed and built in the own BUBEN&ZORWEG Atelier d´horlogerie.

After innovating the market of watch winders and setting new standards in the world of exclusive timepieces, in the year 2008 BUBEN&ZORWEG achieved to create something completely new that the world of luxury has never seen before.
“Objects of Time” – masterpieces which combine a BUBEN&ZORWEG Fine Timepiece, TIME MOVER® watch winder and plenty of other features (safe, humidor, bar, etc.) – provide a worthy ambience for time in its most beautiful form.

Today the Objects of Time take a vital place in the world of BUBEN&ZORWEG highly appreciated by collectors and already demanded as collectors’ items itself. Continuing the story of success BUBEN&ZORWEG is constantly developing new Masterpieces each unique in its innovative conception, but all perfectly implemented as exquisite masterpieces of German craftsmanship.

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