The 9 Best Hotels in Mumbai


Whether you stay for a night, a week, or longer, your time here will be full of learning, discovery and romancing the beauty in Indian art.

Awarded India’s Most Unique Hotel, Le Sutra, as the world’s first Indian art hotel is a journey in time where thousands of years of Indian ethos are narrated through contemporary art. The three levels are symbolic of the Gunas (the attributes in people, nature and things) of Indian philosophy – Tamas, Rajas, Sattva,

As you ascend the Chakra lift the 14 rooms are each based on a ‘Character’ (Ravana, Ashoka, Buddha) or ‘Characteristic’ (Sensuality, Love, Purification) from a theme in Indian culture; every element telling a part of the story.

Home to award-winning restaurants Out of the Blue, Olive Bar & Kitchen and Deliciae, it also has the Gallery Le Sutra for art shows and banquets and the Angdai Day Spa.

Famous former guests have included Baz Lurhmann, Mallika Sarabhai and Anjolie Ela Menon.


Each art room is unique in concept and art form using a mix of specially crafted original frescos, sculptures, inlays and installations. The Ravana room tells the story of history’s master strategist. The headboard is a graphic representation of his fictitious diary, the horns and scepter chair symbolize the notorious king of demons. The door eye installation portrays his ten heads standing for the four Vedas and six Upanishads.

Personalized service is the mantra. Guests enjoy 24 hour room service, buffet breakfast, wireless internet, daily newspapers, flowers and music. The package includes a one hour deep tissue massage at the Spa, an in room special bath experience, airport pick up and drop, room check in and check out service, personalized stationary, welcome drink and memorabilia from the hotel upon check out.




  • Square footage: 250
  • Nightly rate: Experience Package $285

Ranjan Gupta, Head Operations

+91 22 2649 2995/7

14 Union Park, Khar (W), Mumbai – 400 052

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