The 12 Best hotels in Delhi


Lobby ITC Maurya

Located amidst the green environs of Delhi’s Diplomatic Enclave, a few minutes drive from both the airport and the city center, lays ITC Maurya.

This hotel is made up of two parts: ITC Towers and ITC One, each with their own separate services. The distinctive architecture and decor of the two sectors recalls the splendor of that glorious age and recreates it through its luxurious facilities. Behind the lavishness is a crisp efficiency and a deep understanding of the needs of the modern elite traveler. You will find exclusive lounges on all major floors and a 24-hour communication center with the latest in office support systems.


Lounge ITC Maurya

Why we love it: The Grand Presidential suite is a sprawling area that includes a bedroom, private dining areas, modern hi-tech office, private meeting room, wellness center and modern bathroom with an amethyst wall. The warm and soft lighting enhances the beauty of the art in each suite, adding to the delicate look of one of the finest residences in the city. The best feature of this suite is that it affords the ultimate in personal attention to detail. Guests staying at here can expect to enjoy a 24-hour butler service, and use of multiple executive lounges, which come with a library, plasma TV as well as 24-hour food and beverage support. In addition, those staying in the top suite get complimentary use of the hotel’s lounges at the international airport and the option to close sections of the hotel.




  • Square footage: 4200
  • Nightly rate: On request

Ranvir Bhandari, General Manager

Diplomatic Enclave, Sardar Patel Marg, Delhi, 110021

+91 11 2611 2233

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