The 12 Best hotels in Delhi


Aman New Delhi

Aman New Delhi is comprised of two modern extravagant buildings of which one is a nine-story resort housing over 30 rooms and suites, each with a private plunge pool.

The second building is a five-story building framing an internal courtyard, which features deluxe suites of one, two and three bedrooms – and over half of these include private swimming pools.


The Lodhi Pool Suite

Why we love it: The Lodhi pool suites feature either one, two or three bedrooms with over half having three bedrooms. The one- and twobedroom suites have small private gardens and pools while the threebedroom suites offer a larger-sized terrace and separate guest bedroom situated away from the lobby. Each suite has an upstairs, which gives exclusive travelers a more ‘at home’ experience. A luxury haven for the stars of Bollywood, the Aman New Delhi is a place the most Elite Traveler would not feel out of place.




  • Square footage: 4300
  • Nightly rate: $2,200

Robyn Bickford, General Manager

Lodhi Road, New Delhi, 110003

+91 11 4363 3333

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