Clemat is Ensemble performing at the Felicja Blumenta l Internat ional Music Festival 2011

MAY 2016

Felicja Blumental was one of the world’s most celebrated and prestigious musicians.

She was an exquisitely talented pianist who gained widespread international acclaim by performing and recording a large range of works, from classic 18th century concertos to pieces by forgotten or little-known composers. She also performed as a soloist with the world’s great philharmonic orchestras and had works written especially for her by contemporary composers. After her death in Tel Aviv, the city’s Museum of Art dedicated its annual International Music Festival to her. Now in its 13th year, the festival is an exciting week that is jam-packed with culture and art, including chamber and orchestral music, as well as folk music, theater and film. Well-known for giving a number of top Israeli artists their start, the event is a chance for lovers of classical music to enjoy intimate piano recitals and stunning Baroque symphonies, but also for those with more eclectic tastes to discover Israeli folk traditions, see a new play or find a new favorite film. Previous artists to have performed at the festival include acclaimed classical guitarist Paul Galbraith and award-winning young wind ensemble The Hindemith Quintet.

Avigail Arnheim, Executive Director

+972 3 620 1185

Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 27 Shaul Hamelech Bouelvard