Best Shopping in Tel Aviv



Israeli designer Michal Negrin has won acclaim both at home and abroad for her Victorian-inspired and exquisitely feminine clothing, jewelry, dolls, accessories and homeware.

Her high-concept collection is remarkable for its attention to detail, craftsmanship, sumptuous colors and style, and conjures up an ethos of beauty, romance and vintage femininity. To visit one of her Tel Aviv boutiques is to step into a world of eclectic Victorian-style glamour, where you can discover exquisite and original fashion or a striking vintage accessory.


+972 3 516 0266

Azrieli Center, Second Floor

+972 3 691 2799

37 Sheinkin Street

+972 3 525 2752

Dizengoff Center, 50 Dizengoff Street

+972 3 525 2456

Ramat Aviv Mall, 40 Einstein Street

+972 3 744 7106

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