Best Shopping in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Shopping Malls

Marina Mall

Marina Mall is the second largest mall in the emirate. Located next to the Hilton Abu Dhabi, this brilliantly designed mall is one of a kind.

Its extraordinary shopping area boasts about 400 stores selling all you can think of, allowing you to browse through the top brands in one place.

Al Wahda Mall

This shopping mall opened in May 2007 on Airport Road near the Al Wahda Sports and Cultural Club. Run by EMKE group, it offers 147 shops as well as a Lulu Hypermarket. It’s a great place to go with friends and family, not only to shop but also to try a variety of restaurants.

Abu Dhabi Mall

Around since 2001, the biggest mall in Abu Dhabi offers about 500 stores for people of all ages. Located in the Tourist Club Area, the mall provides a true shop-’til-you-drop experience. An awesome 200 feet high, this shopping paradise is well stocked with the latest fashions, international goods and restaurants, making it a very popular place to go, day or night.

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