The 9 Best Suites in Tokyo

13th August 2019 // By Kristen Shirley & Emma Reynolds

As the 2020 Summer Olympic Games draw closer, Tokyo is positively buzzing. Hotel renovations are underway, new restaurants are opening and, of course, stadiums are being built for the competitions. Whether you are picking a hotel for an Olympic stay, or hoping to visit before the city is inundated with sports fans, you will find the perfect place in our list of the best suites in Tokyo.

One thing’s for sure: No matter where you stay — a palatial penthouse or a minimalist ryokan — you will be won over by omotenashi, the incredible hospitality Japan is known for.

Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

Presidential Suite

The juxtaposition of commanding city views and garden-inspired decor makes this suite an urban nature-lover’s dream. Despite its location high above the city in the midst of the Nihonbashi district, the outdoors weaves its way through the suite’s locally produced fabrics and unique photographic murals of blue skies and treescapes from Tokyo’s parks.

One wall in the dining room is entirely covered by an image of the sun streaming through trees, and natural elements and decor — such as motifs of birds, butterflies and plants — appear throughout the suite. The bedroom has an origami-inspired carpet, and the ceiling was designed to appear as if you were looking up at the sky, lying beneath trees.

You’ll be tempted to leave the luxury of your suite and dine in one of Mandarin Oriental’s three Michelin-starred restaurants: Tapas Molecular Bar, an eight-seat restaurant where chefs create inspired dishes before your eyes; Signature, a contemporary French fine-dining restaurant; and Sense, which specializes in traditional Cantonese cuisine.

Japanese journeys

Nihonbashi is one of the city’s oldest commercial districts and is perfect for exploring the local culture and history on foot. Arrange a private tour that focuses on Japanese tradition. Learn about the history of the kimono and how to wear one; go on a gourmet tour tasting local specialties, including mochi (sticky seaweed rice cakes), kintsuba (sweet bean paste) and nori (dried seaweed); or make washi paper with an expert.

Rate: From $16,240 per night

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Image: Nacasa & Partners