Greubel Forsey – GMT Quadruple Tourbillon

2nd September 2019 // By Roberta Naas

In its newest high-complication timepiece, Greubel Forsey combines its coveted Quadruple Tourbillon with the round globe GMT mechanism via an all-new, handwound caliber consisting of an incredible 705 parts. Also within the movement are three fast-rotating barrels that supply energy. The asymmetrical case makes room for a large number of indications, including four tourbillons; a patented GMT with an oversized rotating globe and 24-hour indication to display three time zones; and the hours/minutes and power-reserve (72 hours) dials.

The incredible architecture of the movement witnesses two pairs of tourbillons — a one-minute tourbillon angled at 30 degrees sits inside a second tourbillon that performs a full rotation every four minutes — constantly rotating. Universal time with day/night zones is visible on the caseback.

Price: $820,000 in 18K white gold

Contact: Gassan Diamonds BV in Amsterdam, +31 20 622 5333,

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