Girard-Perregaux – Quasar

2nd September 2019 // By Roberta Naas

Girard-Perregaux is no newcomer to high complications; in 1884, it patented and debuted its famed Three Bridges Tourbillon. However, the newest Quasar watch is a deft blend of high-complication watchmaking and futuristic aesthetics. The watch features a case crafted entirely of sapphire crystal — allowing the brand’s iconic Neo-Tourbillon Three Bridges Skeleton movement to be fully visible from all sides and inspiring the name, Quasar, which is the active nucleus in the center of our galaxy.

The 45mm three-dimensional case takes more than 200 hours to machine and polish, and it is even equipped with a sapphire crown — something few other sapphirecased watches offer.

It showcases the brand’s complicated GP9400-1035 tourbillon movement with 260 parts and no mainplate. Coating the bridges with sandblasted, blackened titanium adds futuristic and stealth appeal to the movement.

Price: $194,000 in sapphire

Contact: Wempe Jewelers in New York, +1 212 397 9000,

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