Audemars Piguet – Haute Joaillerie Sapphire Orbe

2nd September 2019 // By Roberta Naas

Few brands can surpass Audemars Piguet’s over-the-top, high-jewelry masterpieces. This year’s Haute Joaillerie Sapphire Orbe once again surprises and delights with its incredible shape and extensive gem setting, which takes more than 1,050 hours to complete. The watch’s name, Orbe, is for the river that runs through Le Brassus, Switzerland, Audemars Piguet’s hometown.

The Sapphire Orbe takes the shape of a teardrop that sits sideways on the wrist, and it is meticulously set with more than 12,000 diamonds and blue sapphires. The blue and orange sapphires appear in six graded shades and 20 different sizes, creating a water-like effect.

The dial is nestled in the right third of the timepiece, protected by a domed sapphire crystal and set with orange sapphires. From the dial, five elliptically shaped layers of sapphires edged in diamonds fan out to form the work of art.

Price: $904,000 in 18K white gold

Contact: Audemars Piguet in New York, +1 212 688 6644,

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