Extremely complicated watches designed expressly for women can be rare in the watch world, making the new Lady Arpels Planétarium even more spectacular. Inspired by the more complex Midnight Planétarium for men, these watches bring miniature mechanical planetariums to the wrist. The module for this automatic movement was the result of a collaboration with renowned master watchmaker Christiaan van der Klaauw. On the aventurine dial, it depicts an 18K pink gold sun and its three closest planets using gemstones: a turquoise earth, a green-enamel Venus and a pink mother-of-pearl Mercury. Each rotates around the dial in real planet orbit times. Earth, which rotates around the dial once every 365 days, has a moon that rotates around it every 29.5 days. The shooting star on the dial indicates the time. The 38mm 18K white gold watch is adorned with diamonds, and a full diamond-set bracelet is available.

$255,000, available at Van Cleef & Arpels in Palm Beach, Florida, contact Christiane Ouvier, sales supervisor, +1 561 655 6767,

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