As he requires his ambassadors to wear their watches while playing, no matter the sport, Richard Mille has to create some of the world’s toughest watches. For polo player Pablo Mac Donough, that necessitated the development of a unique caliber, the all-new RM 53-01, which has both a suspended tourbillon and an unusual cable-suspension mechanism. The movement rests on two braided-steel cables whose tension is adjusted via 10 pulleys anchored by four tensioners affixed to a peripheral baseplate. The even distribution of tension guarantees perfect balance. The suspended movement is made with titanium for the double baseplate and bridges to ensure optimal shock protection, and it can withstand shocks of more than 5,000 Gs. This inventive movement is placed inside a nearly indestructible case machined from Carbon TPT and a crystal made of laminated sapphire glass. The glass consists of two sheets of sapphire separated by a polyvinyl film that can withstand shock waves without shattering. The resulting watch is like a suit of armor.

$900,000, available at Richard Mille in Las Vegas, contact Azzeddine Azzat, store director, +1 702 588 7272,

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